Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Stories of Bundibugyo District Hospital not being equipped to protect its staff, patients and the public from possibly being infected with the Ebola virus are depressing to me as a Ugandan, heartbreaking as a supporter of NRM but also puzzling as a sympathizer of the Bundibugyo community. What depresses and breaks my heart is the fact that the district has elected leadership at all of the stages of the political structures as well as highly educated civil servants; the district headquarters, RDC’s and district health offices are barely two hundred metres from the hospital and the offices of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) are located within its neighbourhood. So why did The New Vision reporters who are not resident in Bundibugyo find the mess that they did at the hospital at the very height of a very serious viral outbreak? I know that we have a very serious problem as Ugandans (regardless of our political, communal and social inclinations) of not paying attention to details, but Ebola is no joke! We know how it is transmitted and we know what to do about it so let us get up and move.