Friday, December 12, 2008

Ugandan Women Activists: Prove You're Not Oppositionist

To some of us, right or wrong, the prominent women's rights activist machinery in Uganda is oppositionist. We see them quick to point out with zeal cases of suspected women abuse involving people connected to NRM but slow and almost blind to others. The case involving the gruesome murder of a young woman and an opposition MP has not drawn the amount of interest from women's rights activists I have been accustomed to.

It is, however, not too late for them to redeem the oppositionist impression they have put in us. Their invovement in making sure that the investigators handle this case with utmost professionalism and alertness will be very important. In the meantime, I urge them to put pressure on the police leadership to punish whoever is responsible for the 12 hour delayed repsonse to calls about the murder of Ms. Rehema Caeser. An opportunity for justice could might have been lost because of some police officer's negligence and incompetence.