Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ad on Ugandan Radio: "INDIAN General Manager Wanted ..."

I heard on Star Radio on the morning of Tuesday 13th of January 2009 a job vacancy announcement for (incredibly) an INDIAN general manager! Is this allowed? Is the management of the company with the vacancy aware of the laws of this country regarding ethnic discrimantion? Do they feel that it is morally right to seek to employ people of a particular ethnicity for particular jobs? Has the management of the company concerned forgotten the vulnerability of the minority Asian community in Uganda to sentiments against it among a significantly vocal section of indeginous Africans? I urge the Indian Community to condemn this company's behaviour and for the authorities to repremand it for discrimination. Failure to do so would justify advertisements such as:

Company seeking - Acholi managing director; Rwandan secretary; Lugbara guard; Karimajong farm manager e.t.c.