Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BUGANDA UNDER SIEGE! So Says Some Paranoid Guy.

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Buganda Under Siege
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Buganda Under Siege

By Asumani Balwaana Kaama

Recent Events In Uganda have brought us to the conclusion that Buganda today is in the worst position it has ever been in within the last 100 years. The spirit and resilience of our people has been seriously challenged and in many cases suppressed, indeed many have given up hope of a better future.
The level of deliberate employment discrimination; calculated and deliberate economic dis-empowerment; systematic political oppression; non-stop judicial injustice; relentless cultural degradation and increasing land grabbing has finally convinced us that we have to change our value systems if we are to survive as a nation.
The constant bullying, patronising by the million Runyakitara’s who are solely in charge of every aspect of our lives are a clear indication that Buganda is under siege and that we have to change all our core beliefs in order to survive. Today we live under the Runyakitara vision of "no more greater good for all – every man for himself". We have always survived as society and we shall strive the more to do so whatever the cost.
The fact that hardly any Muganda is ever employed in any government department even at the lowest level and the few that have found favour with the Runyakitara overlord have had to sell their souls means that:
Every government official we interact with even at the village level will never employ a Muganda on competence;
Every URA officer who forcefully collects taxes only applicable in Buganda and nowhere else in the country works against our interests;
Every traffic police officer who constantly takes bribes and arrests us as a display of power is not interested in our welfare;
Every magistrate, judge or court official we meet on the numerous occasions we are arrested is not motivated by justice;
Every agricultural officer who deliberately took the matooke and coffee weevil to our farms works for the starvation of our people;
Every NGO boss who gives us deliberately useless information on AIDS and how to get rich is indifferent to our suffering;
Every bank officer we approach for loans/grants we are never allowed to get works for our impoverishment;
-Every newspaper reporter who degrades our culture daily by showing dead, naked, indecent Baganda bodies is motivated by our humiliation;
-Every permanent/under secretary who ensures that we never get to know of ANY of the grants and soft loans borrowed in our name is tickled by self-interest;
-Every land office official who steals our land titles from the public land office is a victim of greed;
-Every judge who allows foreign land grabbers to kick us off our land has lost sight of the purpose of his/her office;
-Every official who patronizes us by telling us how we are stupid does not care about our future;
-Every election returning officer who steals our vote whenever we vote perpetuates a lie that only one man has all the answers;
-Every police officer and army soldier who tear gases us, or shoots at us whenever we complain ignores our simple wish to live in peace;
-Every passport officer who refuses us a passport so we can run away from this tyranny laughs at our misery;
-Every ESO/ISO agent who spies on us when we manage to run away from the tyranny is contemptuous of our sufferings.
The common trait among all these people and their agents is that they are arrogant oppressors and bullies who do not even bother to speak the only language we know. There is an overwhelming feeling of foreign occupation far worse than the colonial type because the current one gives nothing back in return but merely works to undermine our culture and history and further seeks our total destruction as a people.
There is no doubt that Buganda has arrived at this junction due to the very poor leadership we have at Mmengo. The level of political and commercial discrimination and marginalization against the Baganda has increased, as it became obvious that there is NO one in Uganda who wants to or can stand up and advocate for Buganda’s rights.
The Katikkiro we had for the last 10 years proved to be useless in championing our causes and turncoat to our suffering. The current Katikkiro has made some noises on our behalf. This has turned him into a foe of Buganda’s enemies and it is now on the cards that he will soon be replaced by a toothless stooge who will oversee the acceleration of Buganda’s destruction.
IF the current Katikkiro is removed, we will take this to mean a dereliction of duty on the Kabaka’s part and that Mmengo has abdicated the role of representing the Baganda and their interests within Uganda. It stands to reason that there will no longer be a purpose for the Mmengo establishment i.e. the Kabaka, Katikkiro and Lukiiko to continue to exist.
We are therefore issuing warning that we will work for the total removal of the Mmengo establishment if Mmengo continues to serve the Banyakitara rather than their rightful masters, the Baganda who are the sole reason Mmengo exists at all.
We will mobilize and withdraw our allegiance from the current Kabaka Mutebi, the Katikkiro and the Lukiiko and we will ensure that they no longer purport to represent us the oppressed Baganda. We will manage to do this without use of any weapon by withdrawing consent, which is all that binds today.
We have come to this conclusion because we believe that with the current situation prevailing, we are better off without a Kabaka since the current one has proved not to have any recognised interest in our welfare. In his New Year message he passed the buck when he said: "We hope that now that the elections have been concluded, leaders will solve issues dear to us and that worry our people - like land. It is then that we shall build a nation we all aspire to live in."
Kabaka Mutebi is asking the Banyakitara who have made our lives intolerable to do what they wish with us. A more acceptable cowardly statement would have been: "I will work with the elected leaders to ensure that my people are protected in the enjoyment of their constitutional rights."
Since the Kabaka’s power over us is a moral one, it is within our rights to withdraw it and we will do this as soon as it is necessary. No doubt it will be a long journey but an achievable one none the less.
May the almighty help us all!

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