Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turning Golf Balls into Planets

For a leader, Erias Lukwago, MP for Kampala Central, Uganda, is very good at blowing things unnecessarily out of proportion. He chooses the minutest things that any other mature leader would choose to ignore and he makes the world of them. The most recent instance was when I saw him before the TV cameras at parliament clowning in an attempt to ape the way Attorney General Khiddu Makubuya was behaving when he aapeared before a parliamentary committee that Lukwago sits on. To him, the 'airs' of the minister were much more important than what he had or had not said. Previously, Lukwago had laboured over one small typing mistake in the addendum to the Scotland Yard Kayira Report to trash it. To him, the inclusion of the name Tito Obote instead of Milton Obote was far more important than any other material in the report. To me this is immature and amateurish behaviour. This country needs serious people who deal with substance rather than superficial things.

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